Discover what's between you, and your mental wellbeing

Soil helps find the right tools to reduce stress induced inflammation in the body and uncover root causes for mental distress in the mind.

Stress responses are an important part of life

But it doesn't have to be a chronic state. Soil teaches you how to self-regulate and discover greater agency in your life.

How it works

Soil is a holistic AI coach that guides you through your unique emotional and physical needs, so you can discover what's working for you, and what's not.  

1. Receive coaching from our emotion-focused AI coach

2. Wear your continuous glucose measurement sensor

3. Experiment and explore what works you

What's included

Emotion-focused AI coach

Emotions are a great gateway to get out of our heads and into our body, by feeling what we need in the moment. Our AI coach does not judge and help you find the right techniques to regulate and find greater agency in your life.

Blood glucose measurement

Avoiding glucose spikes help reduce stress-induced inflammation and aging. Soil help you find everyday hacks and routines to reduce everyday cravings, improve sleep and gain more energy throughout the day.

Delivered on your phone

Stress is an inevitable part of our everyday lives. That's why we created the Soil app - to seamlessly integrate into your everyday life. Our app is designed for you to experiment and explore what works for you.