Discover your
emotional resilience

In a world of emotional detachment, we often get trapped in our own defense mechanisms and emotional barriers. Soil Health helps facilitate genuine and conscious conversations to redefine the way in which we engage with ourselves and the world around us.

Pilot-assist your conversations

The Soil health AI-coach helps you pilot-assist challenging or vulnerable conversations with yourself and others.

Through guided conversations, we analyze conscious and unconscious cues from facial micro expressions and tone of voice, to identify your unique opportunities for overcoming everyday emotional barriers and defense mechanisms.
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Transform your everyday through conscious conversations


Facilitate challenging or vulnerable conversations to leverage your relationships as the greatest mirror for personal growth.


Gain greater insight on your unique emotional style, and work with the Soil health coach to strengthen your unique self-expression.

Extra support

Complement your therapy sessions with the Soil health coach to integrate personal growth  in between therapy sessions.

Bridging the gap in mental health

There's more to mental health than the mind.
Soil Health collaborates with digital biomarkers from wearables and physical test to bridge the gap between physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing to bring true holistic digital health solutions.
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Our ethical principles

Connecting people
We build technology that deepens our connection with ourselves and each other.
Respect for Privacy
We care about data privacy, as one of the highest risk of modern AI-technologies.
Overcoming Biases
We are dedicated to contribute against structural (data) biases of large language models.