About Soil Health

Soil is a health tech startup founded by people who love the science behind health and nature. We are on a mission to prevent and reverse the growing health crisis of everyday stress by enhancing human connections and  promoting emotional wellbeing.

What causes us to take action

The rising mental health crisis touches nearly 1 billion individuals, loneliness affects 33% of the global population, and 67% experience everyday stress. The urgency to address these challenges has never been greater, and require a new approach.

We challenge the norm of emotional detachment and body-mind dissociation by redefining the way in which we engage with ourselves and each other - one conscious conversation at a time.

There's more to mental health

Many cognitive solutions exist already today. We believe that there's more to it than just the mind. That's why we take a holistic approach that focuses on integrating physical and emotional needs as crucial components of overall mental wellbeing.

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Our team

We are a diverse team of four founders, each bringing startup and digital health experience. Our collective experience involves pharma and digital therapeutics, working respectively on lifestyle-related diseases, cognitive health, and dementia.
Nina Glenny
Co-CEO (Commercial)
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Paula Petcu
Co-CEO (Product)
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Troels Nielsen
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Line Clemmensen
CSO (Science)
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